Nov 17

Here’s my silkscreen poster “Rocket Man” for Puscifer at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. Hand printed at Gammalyte Press on 130# Cougar white with thick gamma texture underbase. Show edition sold out in 1 hour at venue.

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
It’s lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight
~Elton John

Fillmore, Philadelphia PA
Show Edition of 175
18″ x 24″
130# Cougar white
SOLD, Thanks!

Puscifer Mirror Foil
Rainbow Mirror Variant
Edition of 10
18″ x 24″
12pt Holographic Mirror Foil
SOLD, Thanks!

Puscifer Lava Foil
Lava Foil Variant
Edition of 10
18″ x 24″
12pt Holographic Lava Foil
SOLD, Thanks!

Puscifer sparkle Foil
Sparkle Foil Variant
Edition of 10
18″ x 24″
12pt Holographic Sparkle Foil
SOLD, Thanks!


Puscifer Show Edition Detail


Puscifer Show Edition Detail


Puscifer Rainbow Mirror Edition Detail


Puscifer Lava Foil Edition Detail

Puscifer Sparkle Foil Detail

Puscifer Sparkle Foil Edition Detail

Rating 4.50 out of 5
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Nov 10

Here’s my poster for the benefit to preserve Owsley’s Sonic Journals. Featuring Hot Tuna with special Guest Steve Kimock, Roger McNamee, The Code and Dauno Martinez. Inspired by French poster artist Alphonse Mucha and 1960’s San Francisco poster artists with lettering by Alan Forbes, this is a 23″ x 32.5″ over-size, six color silkscreen hand printed with vibrant custom pigmented inks at Gammalyte press on thick and juicy 130# stock.

Hot Tuna GAMH 2015

Owsley Sonic Journal Benefit
Hot Tuna w/Steve Kimock
Roger McNamee, The Code, Dauno Martinez
Great American Music Hall
November 7, 2017
Show Edition of 175
130# archival white
23″ x 32.5″
SOLD, Thanks!

Hot Tuna Lava Foil
Lava Foil Variant Edition of 20
12pt Holographic Lava
23″ x 32.5″
SOLD, Thanks!

Sparkley Gold Variant Edition of 10
105# Sparkley Metallic Gold
23″ x 32.5″
SOLD, Thanks!

Red Vellum Variant Edition of 10
100# Cherry Pop Red
23″ x 32.5″
SOLD, Thanks!




Lava Foil Detail


Sparkley Gold Detail


Red Vellum Detail

Rating 4.62 out of 5
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